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BY ACT at 18 September, 2018


The BCS Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern studied a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Waikato University, where students learn not to change how things are but how people see them. She became Prime Minister by polling 37 per cent with the exact same policies that Andrew Little polled 24 per cent. All of her experience tells her good communications are more important than good policy.



Ardern’s speech this weekend was a master class

Free Press, 10 September 2018

BY ACT at 11 September, 2018


Free Press, 10 September 2018

Twyford’s PR Stunt

Housing Minister Phil Twyford claims a new housing development in Mt Roskill will help solve the housing crisis. The government plans to build 10,000 new homes over 15 years by demolishing 3000 existing state homes. That works out to be 466 additional homes a year. New Zealand has a housing shortage of 71,194, and 44,738 are needed in Auckland alone. This development will hardly make a

Free Press, 27 August 2018

BY ACT at 28 August, 2018


Free Press, 27 August 2018

A Weak Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern showed a serious lack of spine on Friday afternoon by failing to fire Clare Curran. Curran has been dishonest with the PM and the public about who she has had ministerial meetings with. She should have been sacked, but the PM couldn’t bring herself to do so, keeping her on as a Minister outside Cabinet and only stripping her of a couple of

Free Press, 20 August 2018

BY ACT at 21 August, 2018


Free Press, 20 August 2018

ACT Forces Winston’s Hand on Māori seats

ACT’s Smaller Government Bill has forced Winston Peters to propose an amendment to a Labour MP’s bill that would put the Māori seats to a referendum. Peters has been in Parliament for 40 years and the Māori seats have long been a so-called ‘bottom line’ for him. Now just a week after ACT revealed its detailed plan, he has finally decided to

Free Press, 14 August 2018

BY ACT at 16 August, 2018


Successful ACT Conference

ACT’s annual conference was well attended and received saturation media coverage. The message? A crash is coming, big government is a growing liability under Jacinda Ardern, and only ACT is prepared to draw a line under that growth by reducing the size of Government, literally.

Grim Figures

As Michael Riddell has pointed out, the Reserve Bank just lowered growth expectations dramatically. How dramatically? The last three times the Bank revised growth