Free Press 26/09/2016

BY ACT at 26 September, 2016

Tete-a-tete This weekend Jacinda Ardern argued for the government, or an agency of Government, to set wages for whole industries.  This is the proposal associated with the Kristine Bartlett vs. TerraNova case, where the Employment Court found that ‘pay equity’ can mean wages in one industry being set by comparison to another industry.

Why Not? As David Seymour argues in his reply, if there was discrimination going on based on gender, where employers

Free Press – 19/09/2016

BY ACT at 19 September, 2016

Sunday Star Tete-a-tete This week David Seymour takes on Jacinda Ardern on the Nats’ gradual drift left. “Six of Parliament’s seven parties now pursue bigger government, more tax and more red tape. Jacinda will no doubt say this is a fair representation of the views of New Zealanders, but when I speak to families, workers, and businesspeople across the country, I hear of real appetite for a New Zealand in which individuals are

Free Press – 12/09/2016

BY David Seymour at 12 September, 2016

Taxes Up National’s colonisation of Labour territory is complete.  We thought Helen Clark knew how to straddle the centre of politics but John Key has taken the art to a whole new leech-like level.  The confirmation came last week after National boasted they had made the tax system more progressive.

You Heard That Right With Bill English safely overseas, poor old Steven Joyce was left to announce that the top 10 per cent of households

Free Press – 5/09/2016

BY ACT at 5 September, 2016

Teacher Unions’ Odd Position Teachers will strike this week, forcing parents all over the country to make alternative arrangements.  Their concern?  That principals and boards of trustees will be given more flexibility in how they use their funding.  They believe this will lead to fewer teachers being employed, but why would that be?

How it Plays out in Partnership Schools ACT’s Partnership Schools have total flexibility in their funding.  They have generally used this flexibility

Free Press – 29/08/2016

BY ACT at 29 August, 2016

Muldoon Lives! On the weekend New Zealand First challenged the Prime Minister to dictate which branches Westpac could and couldn’t close, because Westpac is the Government’s banker.  The taxpayer would effectively be subsidising Westpac to keep some branches open for political reasons.

What About Kiwibank? As some commentators have already pointed out, doesn’t the Government already own a bank for social purposes?  How many does it need?  2017 will be a referendum on New Zealand