Free Press, 6 August 2018

BY ACT at 7 August, 2018


Conference this Sunday

If you haven’t registered for a bumper ACT conference this weekend, please do so as soon as possible. You can view the program and register online here.


Where was Devoy?

There has been lots of ink spilled over two Canadian speakers who wanted to speak in Auckland this past week. We won’t spill any more here, but Free Press has noticed one glaring absence: Where, o where, was Race Relations

Free Press, 30 July 2018

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


Two Weeks to Conference


ACT’s Annual Conference is taking place in two weeks’ time on Sunday 12 August in Auckland. Following the members’ survey late last year and the regional forums earlier this year, it is the final chapter in the process of consulting members before relaunching the party proper in 2019. The Party President will be presenting the results of this consultation so far and options for the Party’s future. If you

Free Press, 23 July 2018

BY ACT at 24 July, 2018


2018 Annual Conference


Freedom, Choice and Responsibility – Does it exist under this Government? That’s the theme of this year’s ACT’s Annual Conference on Sunday, 12 August. Please register here for the most thought provoking political conference of the year.


Stellar Speakers


ACT has always been the party of ideas. Just look at politics today: The current socialist government has kept all of National’s policies. It is ACT’s contribution to the previous

Free Press, 3 July 2018

BY ACT at 9 July, 2018


Welfare for Wellywood


This last weekend Matt Nippert at the Herald lifted the lid on just how powerful Wellywood is when it comes to extracting concessions from New Zealand taxpayers.


Kiwis have paid out $600m in corporate welfare to international film and television producers since 2010 for minimal gain.


It’s unacceptable that a young couple saving for a mortgage are paying tax so that Scarlett Johansson can take home a bigger pay

Free Press, 18 June

BY ACT at 25 June, 2018


Yet another tax?


The Government is proposing to slap yet another tax on the economy – this time on our biggest export earner. International visitors could be paying $35 more to come here from next year.


The official advice shows the tax will see fewer visitors and tourism revenue coming into New Zealand as a result.


Tourists already pay their way


International visitors already pay $3.4 billion in