Free Press 13/04/2015

BY ACT at 13 April, 2015

It’s Catching Vernon Small of the Dom Post says ACT’s call to index tax brackets to inflation is a ‘canny policy.’ The only real downside? “Let’s face it, when it comes to vote-harvesting, drip fed tax cuts will never beat a multi-billion dollar election year tax package.”  That people will keep their own money without having to wait for an election lottery is actually another reason to support the policy.

Defending John Campbell Tribal

Free Press 7/04/2015

BY ACT at 7 April, 2015

Outstanding Performance Over the weekend, David Seymour used an interview on TVNZ’s Q+A to outline ACT’s relevance.  Correspondence has poured in saying it is his best performance yet. It’s still online here.

The Real Outcome of Northland You’ve heard it before, but a point worth repeating from Q+A: By refusing to compete in the heartland provincial seat of Northland, Labour’s Andrew Little ceased being the prime opposition leader. Winston Peters destroyed Bolger and

Free Press 30/03/2015

BY ACT at 30 March, 2015

It is Tight The weekend’s election shows how crucial ACT and Epsom are to stable centre right government.

Don’t Cry for Me Aotearoa Regions like Northland need resource development (see the excellent report From Red Tape to Green Gold by the New Zealand Initiative). The largest handbrake on this is the Resource Management Act. With Peter Dunne intransigent on RMA reform and ACT short one vote, RMA reform will now be decided by

Free Press 16/03/2015

BY ACT at 16 March, 2015

A Good Keen Man Robin Grieve continues to get rave reviews around Northland.  He has the best one-liners of any candidate.  Free Press followed him around Mangawhai on Sunday where he pointed out that shooting oneself in the foot would not send much of a message.  We understand loyal ACT voters may vote strategically for the National candidate, but Robin’s campaign shows ACT is strong.

Resource Management or Revenue Gathering? Radio New Zealand reports on an

Free Press 9/3/2015

BY ACT at 9 March, 2015

The Jetsons are Coming We predict that technology will blur the line between public and private transport. This week Uber have launched Uber Pool in East Los Angeles.  Up to four people going to similar places at similar times can share an Uber car by tapping their destination on their smart phone.  Is this a taxi service or a bus?  Google is also working on driverless car projects that would do the same thing, only