Free Press 2/03/2015

BY ACT at 2 March, 2015

Only Businessman Robin Grieve, an orchardist and health and safety consultant, is the only Northland by-election candidate who’s supporting himself in the private sector. “A council bureaucrat, a career politician, a district councillor, and a self-employed businessman walk into a bar…”

Breathtakingly Short-sighted National isn’t taking advice on the tough issues.  Last Wednesday in Parliament a National back bencher was asking Hon Anne Tolley soft pedal questions so she could hold forth on the generosity

Free Press 23/2/2015

BY ACT at 23 February, 2015

Conference Success ACT’s conference was attended by 230 people. Usually drawing a crowd is hardest after an election.  This crowd was larger than last year’s. ACT Leader David Seymour’s speech has been widely reported as a new beginning for a new party.  The tone of the conference and reporting of it heralds a new zeitgeist for ACT.  Read David’s speech here:

Become a Member Many conference attendees joined ACT to get the attendance

Free Press 16/2/2015

BY ACT at 16 February, 2015

Not Too Late ACT’s conference is heavily subscribed.  Thankfully the venue is a 1000 hectare sculpture park.  It could fit 10 million people at one person per square metre.  Tickets are still available.

New Zeitgeist This will be a new type of ACT conference.  Tight blues band Monty and the Hawkes are the entertainment.  The number of entries to the New Zealand the Way You Want It competition has overwhelmed judges trying to

Free Press 10/02/2015

BY David Seymour at 10 February, 2015

12 Days Until ACT Conference: New Zealand the Way You Want It Registrations are well ahead of schedule from last year.  ACT is resurgent.  However ACT supporters are notorious last-minute registrants.  You can see the program on our website. If you have not yet registered, please do.

Partnership School Success ACT’s policy is providing more opportunity within New Zealand’s education system.  During the election campaign, opponents of Partnership Schools blanketed Epsom with anti-David

Free Press 27/01/2015

BY ACT at 27 January, 2015

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Victory for Sound Economics Demographia has said New Zealand’s housing is unaffordable since