Labour’s “Great Loosening” -Free Press Monday 13 November 2017

BY ACT at 13 November, 2017

Totally Crooked

The revelation that Winston Peters filed court proceedings against Bill English and Paula Bennett at 4:59pm on the eve of the election makes a farce of his coalition negotiations with National. The decision was made as soon as the special votes gave Lab-Gre-NZF a comfortable three vote margin. Free Press (almost) feels sorry for all those who voted for and even made large donations (when will they be declared?) to New Zealand First

Free Press -Parliamageddon

BY ACT at 6 November, 2017

They’re at it Again

Remember the Electoral Finance Act? This assault on democracy was the Clark Government’s epitaph (ACT’s John Boscawen helped it into its grave with enormous Queen St Marches for Democracy). Well, the Labour party are attacking democracy again.

In Over His Head

Education Minister Chris Hipkins is already overloaded. Not only is he the Education Minister but also the Leader of the House, a position usually held by a big gun like

Free Press – 9/10/2017

BY ACT at 9 October, 2017

A Big Thank You This fortnight we are touring the country. Our members, supporters, candidates and donors who put so much into ACT’s campaign deserve thanks. By the numbers, we stood 41 candidates, delivered 580,000 addressed direct mail letters to the letterbox, raised over $850,000 and reached 400,000 people per week on social media. ACT now remains one of only five parties in parliament.

So, What Happened? Even opponents accept that we ran a technically

Free Press – 15/08/2017

BY ACT at 15 August, 2017

Free Press – 15/08/2017

Free Press – 7/08/2017

BY ACT at 7 August, 2017

Own Your Future David Seymour’s second book, ‘Own Your Future’ is out. You can order it here. From the back cover:

We politicians are the second least trusted profession, just barely ahead of the journalists who report on us. Even the used car salesmen and lawyers are being rehabilitated compared with us. No wonder John Key achieved political superstardom by effectively saying ‘I’ll keep those other muppets out and then I won’t change anything.’