Free Press, 11 June

BY ACT at 12 June, 2018


Cowboy student politicians


Just when we thought the decision to ban offshore oil and gas exploration couldn’t get any worse, it does.


The former student politicians running the Government have ignored the important principle that significant and controversial issues must be decided collectively by Cabinet.


Without any advice and without talking to those affected, three party leaders have decided the fate of an industry. That is no way to run a

Free Press, 28 May 2018

BY ACT at 29 May, 2018




Advance voting starts today in the Northcote by-election. Those registered to vote in the electorate can find their nearest voting place here:




ACT’s candidate, Stephen Berry, is a maverick. He finished third in the Auckland mayoralty race and led the ‘Len Brown Stand Down’ protest march.


Stephen’s also a self-made man. He left school at 16 to work at a supermarket. Now he

Free Press, 21 May 2018

BY ACT at 24 May, 2018


Politicians have a tendency to accuse others of their own worst faults.


Finance Minister Grant Robertson in the Budget quoted Albert Einstein: “No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it.”


That is exactly what is wrong with the coalition’s budget.


Tired solutions


The Government is yet to see a problem that it believes cannot be solved by spending more money and setting up a

Free Press: The ‘Boondoggle Budget’

BY ACT at 16 May, 2018


Free Press: The ‘Boondoggle Budget’


This Thursday, the Government will deliver its first Budget.


The level of waste and extravagance that will be packed into Grant Robertson’s offering – from free degrees for tomorrow’s elite, to billions in corporate welfare, a regional slush fund, and pensions for millionaires – means it deserves to be called the ‘Boondoggle Budget’.


Free degrees for tomorrow’s elite


Chris Hipkins’ $3 billion bribe will pay for

Free Press, 8 May 2018

BY ACT at 13 May, 2018


Two Nice Guys Offering More of the Same


Labour and National are offering Northcote voters near identical candidates for next month’s byelection.  We have known Shanan Halbert and Dan Bidois for fifteen years. Both are 35, academic, and middle of the road ideologically. Faced with each other on TV this weekend, neither could explain what was wrong with the other. They are two nice guys offering more of the same.


What If