Free Press, 1 May 2018

BY ACT at 2 May, 2018


Last week marked six months in office for the coalition Government. It has been a mixture of bad, ugly, and missed opportunities. This week, Free Press sums it all up.


The bad and the ugly


The Government has committed itself to policies that sounded great on the campaign trail, but which will leave hardworking Kiwis worse off.


Closing charter schools


The verdict is in: charter schools are improving engagement, innovation,

Free Press, 23 April 2018

BY ACT at 23 April, 2018


Free Press, 23 April 2018


This last week we saw more evidence of the Government putting PR ahead of good policy. 


Style over substance


On Friday, Jacinda Ardern was quoted using a Maori proverb at a dinner hosted by the Queen: “What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, the people, the people.”


She implored other Commonwealth leaders to remember their role was to serve

Free Press, 16 April 2018

BY ACT at 18 April, 2018


Another Jacinda Surprise 


Last week, the Government decided to kneecap one of our most important industries, putting New Zealanders’ wellbeing at risk for what is essentially a photo op.


Hurting the economy…


The Government’s decision to end offshore oil and gas exploration will put thousands of jobs at risk.


The oil and gas industry contributes $2.5 billion to the New Zealand economy and $500 million to the Government in royalties

Free Press, Monday 12 March 2018

BY ACT at 12 March, 2018


Who Needs Economics, Anyway? 

New Zealand’s economic fundamentals are under threat from a government determined to tax and spend more of your money. All of the evidence suggests that will make us much poorer. This week, Free Press looks at some of the recent local developments and international evidence with regard to Government spending.


Cullen’s Tax Speech

Michael Cullen says our attitude to tax is “atavistic,” and complains his Tax Working Group will

Free Press Monday 12 February 2018

BY David Seymour at 12 February, 2018

Massive Success

Thank you to those who came out to the very short notice and very wet, but very well attended and very well reported rally to save Partnership Schools. We had always wondered how protests happened, when you get a passionate group of people they easily spill out and take over the streets. You can watch TV3’s coverage here.

Keeping the Momentum Going

The public backlash against closing Partnership Schools has been phenomenal.