Free Press – 23/05/17

BY ACT at 23 May, 2017

Come on Out Ruth
Finance Minister Steven Joyce looks set to unveil the Boring Budget. This year, it seems the Government can’t even rustle the energy to plump a flurry of pre-Budget spending announcements.

Free Press – 16/05/2017

BY ACT at 16 May, 2017

The $20 billion-dollar question of the 2017 election is what to do with the Government’s whopping surplus. Last Thursday ACT delivered the answer: give it back by cutting to three simple tax rates: 10 per cent up to $14,000, 15 per cent to 48,000, and 25 per cent thereafter. Simply beautiful.

Free Press – 10/05/2017

BY ACT at 10 May, 2017

Tax firm Staples Rodway calculate Tax Freedom Day every year. How many days do you have to work to pay tax and rates before you can work for yourself for the rest of the year? Last year, you were in the clear on May 1st. This year it is May 8th. Good thing we threw out that tax-and-spend Labour Government!

Free Press – 01/05/2017

BY ACT at 1 May, 2017

ACT understands the real reason for the delay in Labour’s list announcement: they’re trying to make room for Steven Joyce. Joyce has joined the socialists by ruling out tax cuts. He is not even sure about bracket adjustments, saying “I’d like to one day. Can I do it this time? I still don’t know. Maybe.” This is a real quote.

Free Press – 26/04/2017

BY ACT at 26 April, 2017

Free Press salutes those who fought and died far from home to secure our freedom this week. They will not be forgotten.