Free Press – 6/03/2016

BY ACT at 6 March, 2017


Free Press has been feeling for the script writers at the popular Netflix series House of Cards. Their premise is a ruthless President who will break any rule to obtain and retain power, but how will they write anything better than Fox News or CNN in 2017?


Meanwhile, closer to home. Satirists couldn’t have captured a meandering risk averse government better than today’s real life announcement on Superannuation. The Government knows that making Superannuation sustainable is an issue, and it runs deep because it’s about fairness among generations. Their announcement that they will deal to the problem starting in 2037 is dumbfounding.

Free Press – 28/02/2017

BY ACT at 28 February, 2017

A big thank you to all of those who came to ACT’s annual conference. It was well attended, vibrant, and another big success for the party. Mike Williams, Leonie Freeman, and Eric Crampton gave superb presentations. Special thanks to the conference organisers who made it go off like clockwork. David Seymour’s big policy reveal has sparked ongoing discussion.

Free Press – 20/02/2017

BY David Seymour at 20 February, 2017

Bumper Conference ACT is on the march and looking forward to our election year conference this Saturday at Orakei Bay. If you have been putting it off, it is not too late to register here. Not only will you be showing your support for ACT’s revival, but the program is filled with excellent speakers, entertainment, and don’t forget food.

The Program See full details here, but speakers include Leonie Freeman of

Free Press – 30/01/2017

BY ACT at 30 January, 2017

The Election is No Longer Next Year That was our first thought on January 1st: election 2017 is upon us. ACT is better positioned than it has been for a decade. On the other hand, this will be the most fluid election since the pre-Key era (more on that below). Continued rational economic policy, let alone positive reform, will depend on ACT’s success.

Simple Formula There is much confusion about how MMP works. First things

Free Press 30/01/2015

BY ACT at 30 January, 2017

A New Beginning This month is an inflection point. It begins a political year and a parliamentary term. From a front row seat in parliament, we rate the parties’ chances.

Still Scared of the Big Bad Ruth Prime Minister John Key has won three elections. 58 seats, 59 seats, 60 seats. What a politician. Where are the policies? Last year we told the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister that Ruth Richardson has accepted a