Free Press -Parliamageddon

BY ACT at 6 November, 2017

They’re at it Again

Remember the Electoral Finance Act? This assault on democracy was the Clark Government’s epitaph (ACT’s John Boscawen helped it into its grave with enormous Queen St Marches for Democracy). Well, the Labour party are attacking democracy again.

In Over His Head

Education Minister Chris Hipkins is already overloaded. Not only is he the Education Minister but also the Leader of the House, a position usually held by a big gun like

Ayaan Hirsi Ali should feel welcome in New Zealand

BY David Seymour at 3 April, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour is deeply saddened that Ayaan Hirsi Ali feels unable to come to New Zealand and Australia due to threats of violence, as reported this afternoon in Australian media.

“Nobody should have their freedom of speech shut down in the face of violence,” said Mr Seymour, who had purchased tickets to the Auckland event.

“The Prime Minister should reach out to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and assure her that whatever has been