Nats Last Presser Richer than a Cashed Up Corporate Welfare Recipient

BY ACT at 18 September, 2018


“The National Party’s support for the New Zealand Initiative’s Fit for Purpose report is richer than a millionaire pensioner with a winter heating payment,” according to ACT.


“The report rightly identifies that Governments of all stripes in New Zealand tax too much of our money, and spend it poorly. However, one group that has no right to claim this is the New Zealand National Party. If it wasn’t so expensive to the taxpayer, National complaining about

Profligate Govt burning taxpayer cash

BY ACT at 14 September, 2018


The Government has shown its utter contempt for taxpayer money by botching the Chief Technology Officer hiring process and paying Derek Handley out, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Not only has the Government created an unnecessary and wasteful job, it has botched the process and wasted another $100,000 of taxpayer money in the process.


“If asked, the average New Zealander would not be able to explain what the Government Digital Services Minister

$2.4 million for just three jobs

BY ACT at 9 September, 2018


NZ First’s pork barrel spending in Northland has plumbed new depths with the revelation the Provincial Growth Fund paid $2.4 million to create just three jobs, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“In February, Shane Jones trumpeted the fact that a new Hundertwasser-themed tourism hub in Kawakawa would boost employment and economic development opportunities.


“But official advice says the project will only add three new jobs to the local economy. That’s $800,000 a

Rare win for taxpayers

BY ACT at 9 September, 2018


In a rare win for New Zealand taxpayers under this Government, Chris Hipkins has shot down the Report of the Seventh Triennial Appropriations Review Committee.


“This report was a power and money grab. There was no clear rationale for boosting the staff of Ministers, the pay of list MPs, and guaranteeing a minimum level of funding for parliamentary parties”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Some recommendations were completely unacceptable. For example, funding

$290,000 a year, but no job description

BY ACT at 9 September, 2018


“Taxpayers are no closer to understanding what exactly the highly-paid Crown-Māori Relations Minister does for a job”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Kelvin Davis is paid almost $290,000 a year, but his Crown-Māori Relations is without a job description after almost a year.


“After being asked in the House today what exactly he does as Minister, Kelvin said ‘an announcement will be made soon’.


“That is completely unacceptable and shows what