Fourteen Rings to Make One Rule. Like, Really?

BY ACT at 29 January, 2018


“After opposing the ‘Hobbit Law’ for eight years, Labour needs a fourteen-person working group to tell it what its policy should be,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“A usually-reliable source informs ACT that, after accounting for fees, flights, and hotel rooms, the working group will cost the taxpayer about $73,000.


“We’re not even 100 days in and already we are seeing a theme – government-by-working group.


“This government has, or will,

ACT Leader Offers Helpful Advice on Baubles

BY ACT at 10 October, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour is offering other parties some helpful advice on baubles: slash them.

“Winston Peters campaigned on reducing the number of MPs in parliament, but he has got ahead of himself. MPs are there to hold the Ministers and their departments to account. If we want more accountability we should start by slashing the number of Ministers, not the number of MPs holding them accountable,” says Mr Seymour.

“There’s 60-odd opposition MPs holding 28

Stadiums full of taxpayers enslaved to pay off election bribes

BY David Seymour at 19 September, 2017

Today, at North Harbour Stadium, ACT Leader David Seymour underscored the massive cost of election bribes in this election.

“The other parties want to enslave, in total, 132 stadium-loads of workers in order to pay enough tax to fund their spending promises,” says Mr Seymour.

“The average taxpayer pays $10,000 per year in tax. North Harbour Stadium has 25,000 seats. So a capacity crowd here represents $250 million of taxpayers’ money. $10,000 per year for

A Drag Race Fuelled with Taxpayer Money

BY ACT at 9 September, 2017

The current Government taxes and spends $80 billion every year, a figure surpassing the wildest dreams of the welfare state’s architects. After this campaign cycle, the figure will be even higher.

“The Government already spends $17,000 per person and under a Labour-led government, spending would only grow exponentially. The election drag race between National and Labour is fueled by New Zealanders’ hard-earned dollars”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This election, National and Labour have made promises worth billions, with Labour promising over