Government fails to build houses – and who’s surprised?

BY David Seymour at 5 July, 2016

Government home-building projects are running up against the same problems as private developments, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Housing New Zealand’s failure to build 2000 houses is no surprise. The entire housing shortage is caused by barriers to development. The idea that the Government could simply ignore these barriers and build houses itself was always ridiculous.

“Ultimately, the fault doesn’t lie with Housing New Zealand, though their goals were naive. Central Government has

National’s paper tiger housing policy

BY David Seymour at 3 July, 2016

“National’s policy is designed to get the number $1 billion in the headlines, but it will not actually affect the housing market at all because councils still have to pay the money back,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National are correct that infrastructure funding is holding back development, but their plan leaves councils with the same problem, just a different lender.

“If the Government wanted to let councils borrow more capital, it needn’t

Reserve Bank must analyse LVR equity

BY David Seymour at 9 June, 2016

It is disappointing that yet another Monetary Policy Statement has been released without analysis on the equity of loan-to-value ratios.

“The Governor is now talking about debt-to-income ratios, without asking what loan-to-value ratios have done to young and first home buyers,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Young people saving for a deposit took a kick in the guts when loan-to-value ratios kicked in, and now the Governor is blithely speculating that he will introduce debt-to-income

NPS a victory for ACT ideas

BY David Seymour at 2 June, 2016

Today’s National Policy Statement (NPS) implements some of ACT’s long-held views on housing.

“While others have attacked foreigners and proposed new taxes and red tape, ACT has always said that housing affordability is fundamentally a land supply issue.

“The NPS would not have focused on the importance of land supply if it weren’t for the influence of the Productivity Commission. The Commission was an ACT initiative announced in 2010.

“For now, this NPS is a

Finally Labour gets it – land supply is key to housing

BY David Seymour at 18 May, 2016

It’s great to see Labour supporting ACT’s policy of removing the Auckland urban boundary, says ACT leader David Seymour.

“Artifically restricted land supply has always been the source of housing unaffordability.  But until now the debate has been driven by hysteria over foreigner buyers and speculators.

“Hopefully this is a turning point and all political parties will focus on the real solution – freeing up land and increasing housing supply by removing red tape.

“In 2014 ACT was the