ACT is the voice of consistency amidst immigration hysteria

BY ACT at 24 July, 2017

National’s latest u-turn shows that ACT is the only voice of calm on immigration, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Every party has gone haywire over immigration: National flip-flops, the Greens u-turn on their anti-immigration statements, and Winston Peters changes his stance depending on who he’s talking to.

“The Trump-wannabes have caused a populist bidding war over immigration cuts, creating serious uncertainty for businesses that rely on migrant labour.

“Now National has experienced

Labour’s Coalition immigration cuts lethal to New Zealand’s economy

BY David Seymour at 14 July, 2017

Infometrics Chief forecaster, Gareth Kiernan, announced today that a dramatic slash to immigration would have a lethal impact on the New Zealand economy.

“Labour’s chaotic coalition and their proposed policies to cut immigration would decimate the economy,” said ACT Leader David Seymour. “These immigration cuts would annihilate business, impact GDP and inflation while leaving the consumers to burden the higher costs.

Greens duplicitous on immigration

BY David Seymour at 3 July, 2017

The Greens’ u-turn on immigration is an extraordinary display of inconsistency, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“If the Greens thought their anti-immigration position was sensible last year, why isn’t it sensible this year? This u-turn is a display of, at best, intellectual inconsistency, or worse, duplicity.

Labour Inspectorate has serious grounds to investigate Labour Party

BY David Seymour at 23 June, 2017

By the explicit standards of the Labour Inspectorate, the Labour Party has taken advantage of migrant workers, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“By calling its workers volunteers, when they were actually full time workers paid in shoddy accommodation, Labour’s actions reflect the treatment of travelling workers by the accommodation industry, which was slammed by the Labour Inspectorate last year,” says Mr Seymour.

From the NZ Herald, December 2016:

“Businesses cannot evade their obligations

Immigration New Zealand must investigate hypocritical Labour Party

BY David Seymour at 22 June, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on Immigration New Zealand to investigate the Labour Party’s campaign sweat shop filled with immigrant labour, after revelations the party has 85 students living in slum conditions working on its campaign.

“I cannot believe the Labour Party’s do as we say, not as we do attitude. This is a new low for hypocrisy, even for them.

“It’s everything people hate about politics, people saying things they clearly don’t believe