Twyford exhibits pre-crisis mentality

BY ACT at 9 June, 2018


In setting up a new government ministry to ‘fix’ the housing crisis, Phil Twyford is exhibiting the same thinking that created the crisis in the first place, according the ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Bureaucracy – in the form of the 900-page Resource Management Act – should be public enemy number one when it comes to the housing crisis.


Official advice from Superu last year showed land use regulations – rules that determine

Bolger appointment shows Labour and National indistinguishable

BY ACT at 9 June, 2018


The appointment of a former National Prime Minister to a Labour-led Government’s working group shows the parties have become virtually indistinguishable, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The major parties have implicitly agreed on the rules of the game. Labour has a more caring face. National says it can do the job just a bit more efficiently. The similarities are striking.


“Key and English didn’t reduce the tax burden for New Zealanders and

6 months, 6 missed opportunities

BY ACT at 28 April, 2018


In its first six months, the coalition government has missed some key opportunities to deliver sensible solutions for some our most pressing issues. 


Resource Management Act reform


“In Auckland, land use regulation could be responsible for up to 56 per cent, or $530,000, of the cost of an average home. But Cabinet hasn’t yet considered whether to reform it. The Resource Management Act is the most economically vandalous law on our books. It should be at

6 months, 6 destructive policies

BY ACT at 26 April, 2018


Today marks 6 months in office for the Ardern-Peters Government. It has relentlessly pursued ideas that sounded good on the hustings but which will end up hurting New Zealanders. Here are six of their worst policies. 


Closing charter schools


The evidence now shows charter schools are improving engagement, innovation, and achievement for 1500 mainly Maori and Pasifika students. The Government plans to strip away educational opportunities so they can keep a promise to

Our nuclear-free moment? Or business as usual?

BY ACT at 23 April, 2018


Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods will today travel to Taranaki to talk to those affected by her Government’s oil and gas decision.


The Government’s messages have been either contradictory or dishonest.


“The Government is talking out both sides of its mouth”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“On the one hand, we have Jacinda Ardern selling this decision in London and Paris as her generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’.


“But on the