Gold stars for bureaucrats?

BY ACT at 13 August, 2018


“At a time of plummeting business confidence and growth expectations, the Prime Minister wants to give medals to New Zealand’s bureaucrats”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Despite the fact that results in health, education, housing, and other areas have gone backwards, the Government will now be handing out gold starts to our public servants.


“This is pointless virtue-signalling from a weak and leaderless government.


“How will this policy improve the lives

$73m for well-off older Kiwis

BY ACT at 2 July, 2018


Today all New Zealand taxpayers will start paying the winter power bills of well-off pensioners, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Around 9 per cent of superannuitants earn over $60,000 a year – more than the median income and three times the level of the pension.


“Their slice of winter energy payments will cost taxpayers about $73 million.


“This epitomises a Government that taxes with impunity and throws money around without reflecting on

Partisan health review a joke

BY ACT at 29 May, 2018


The Government’s announcement that a review of the health system will be run by an advisor to the Prime Minister shows it is a completely partisan affair, says David Seymour.


“Heather Simpson is still listed as being employed in the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office.


“There is no way that this review can deliver an objective and impartial view of the problems facing our health system.


“It is a completely political

ACT fact check on PM’s migrant-bashing

BY ACT at 13 May, 2018


“The Prime Minister’s continued scapegoating of migrants for the housing crisis and for placing pressure on public services runs counter to the evidence”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Jacinda Ardern has in recent days reiterated her position that migrants are pushing up house prices and are placing a heavy burden on New Zealand infrastructure.


Let’s check her claims against the official advice her Government has received.


1. Migrants are placing ‘unsustainable

Charter schools now in hands of union man

BY ACT at 13 May, 2018


“It is both sad and ironic that charter schools will now be overseen by an ex-union boss”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Chris Hipkins has announced that former NZEI president Bruce Adin will oversee an advisory group to replace the Partnership Schools Authorisation Board that resigned in protest in March.


“This shows just how close Labour is to the union movement.


“Chris Hipkins, right from the very start of his tenure as Education