Seymour Welcomes Operation Painter Findings

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the findings of the Privacy Commissioner’s investigation into Operation Painter.


“The Police have channelled an Orwellian Police State by engaging in activity you’d expect from the KGB.”


“A ban on assisted dying has forced reasonable choice underground and invited corruption.”


“For 120 million people worldwide end of life choice is a legal choice. The raids, intimidation and scare tactics used on law-abiding New Zealanders by

Only ACT serious about stopping crime

BY ACT at 10 July, 2017

ACT is the only party contesting the election with a tough stance on crime, says Party Leader David Seymour and candidates Bhupinder Singh and Shan Ng.

“Four instances of tobacco crime in the last week prove that law and order will be a major issue for voters in this year’s election,” says Mr Seymour.

Cigarettes targeted in daylight dairy robbery – ‘They took about $10,000 in cigarettes and $350 in cash’

Public interest outweighs privacy in Ali Akbari case

BY David Seymour at 24 April, 2017

“The non deportation of twice-convicted sex offender Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari must be explained to maintain public confidence in our immigration system,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

A brief statement on firearm proposals from the recent Law & Order Committee inquiry

BY David Seymour at 12 April, 2017

Parliament’s Law & Order Committee has revealed firearm proposals that go far beyond targeting illegal gun possession. These proposals would punish responsible firearm owners for the actions of a criminal minority.

ACT welcomes Prime Minister’s endorsement of Rewarding Self-Improvement in Prisons

BY ACT at 12 March, 2017

The ACT Party is welcoming further endorsement of its Rewarding Self-Improvement in Prisons policy from the Prime Minister this morning. Mr English said on TVNZ’s Q + A that the public had responded ‘surprisingly well’ to ACT’s proposal.

“This is a policy that united Labour and National, the Sensible Sentencing Trust and The Howard League, and was called smart by political pundits. In short, it is a doable deal,” said ACT Leader David Seymour.