Martin must apologise to charter schools

BY ACT at 14 September, 2018


Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin should publicly apologise to charter schools and students over her outrageous comments during a debate on the Education Amendment Bill, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Referring to charter schools during the debate, Martin said that ‘…some of us wouldn’t put our dog in them.’


“Martin – who is the Minister for Children – also decided to bring National MP Nicola Willis’ family into the debate by claiming

NZ First now kings of corporate welfare

BY ACT at 23 August, 2018


“NZ First have taken over the National Party’s mantle as the kings of corporate welfare with its support of the horse racing industry”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Radio New Zealand this morning reported that millions from the NZ First Re-Election Fund – also known as the Provincial Growth Fund – would go to build new all-weather racing facilities. This comes after earlier revelations the industry would be given tax breaks by the

ACT prompts Peters into action on Māori seats

BY ACT at 19 August, 2018


“ACT’s Smaller Government Bill has prompted Winston Peters into action on the Māori seats”, says Party Leader David Seymour.


Winston Peters today told Sky News he would propose an amendment to a Labour MP’s bill that would have the effect of putting the future of the seats to a referendum.


ACT will support NZ First’s amendment, but the timing of Mr Peters’ comments are telling.


“Just last Sunday, ACT revealed its

Winston sells out on smaller Parliament, Māori seats

BY ACT at 13 August, 2018


“Winston Peters has made an embarrassing backdown on the size of Parliament and the Māori seats”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Peters made a smaller Parliament and removing the Māori seats ‘bottom lines’ at the last election, saying to Labour and National ‘…you will be not talking to NZ First unless you want a referendum on both those issues’.


“Now he says he won’t support my Smaller Government Bill which would achieve

6 months, 6 missed opportunities

BY ACT at 28 April, 2018


In its first six months, the coalition government has missed some key opportunities to deliver sensible solutions for some our most pressing issues. 


Resource Management Act reform


“In Auckland, land use regulation could be responsible for up to 56 per cent, or $530,000, of the cost of an average home. But Cabinet hasn’t yet considered whether to reform it. The Resource Management Act is the most economically vandalous law on our books. It should be at