Seymour to Veto Olympic Debate in Tit for Tat over South Africa

BY ACT at 1 March, 2018


“Parliament’s priorities are seriously warped as it seeks to congratulate our Winter Olympians while ignoring the fact that South Africa’s new president wishes to steal white farmers’ land”, says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


Seymour has told other parties he will object to a snap debate to congratulate Olympians after Labour and New Zealand First said they would veto Seymour’s proposed motion condemning the South African legislation to expropriate white people’s land.


The South African National Assembly has

Nats Supremely Hypocritical on NZ First Re-Election Fund

BY ACT at 23 February, 2018


“National doesn’t have a leg to stand on in its criticism of the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund because the fund is simply a continuation of the Nats’ corporate welfare policies”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“National’s criticism that the Government’s “only criteria for success… is spending money” is supremely hypocritical.


“By some estimates, National spent about $13 billion on corporate welfare during its time in office, costing the average household several thousand dollars. 


“Film industry subsidies, KiwiRail