Hipkins tries to bully schools while suppressing their success

BY ACT at 26 March, 2018


“The Government has utterly failed in its attempts to bully fledgling charter schools into accepting a different educational model”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“A month and a half after introducing a Bill to scrap charter schools, only one has taken the Minister up on his offer.


“Meanwhile, Mr Hipkins is suppressing the final Martin Jenkins evaluation of the charter school model which by all accounts is glowing.


“Jacinda Ardern says

Partnership Schools outperforming state schools on attendance

BY ACT at 22 March, 2018


“New data on school attendance shows Partnership Schools outperform state schools”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“In Term 2 of 2017, truancy made up 4 per cent of missed class time in state schools. 


“The latest data on Partnership School shows that no school had a truancy rate of more than 1.7 per cent.


“Partnership Schools don’t just perform better on truancy – they’re specifically contracted to ensure this remains the case. They’re not allowed

Polling shows Kiwis support charter schools

BY ACT at 21 March, 2018


“Polling conducted by Curia Market Research shows New Zealanders support charter schools remaining open and disapprove of the Government’s handling of the issue”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


57 per cent of decided voters agreed charter schools should be allowed to continue operating in their current form, while 60 per cent of decided voters disapprove of the way the Government is dealing with charter schools.


“The Government is on the wrong side

Why is Hipkins Hiding the Final Charter Schools Report?

BY ACT at 16 March, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour is questioning why Education Minister Chris Hipkins is suppressing the final Martin Jenkins evaluation of charter schools.


“I wonder if Mr Hipkins is not bullying Martin Jenkins into modifying the report to talk down the schools?”, asks Mr Seymour.


In 2014, the Ministry of Education contracted Martin Jenkins to deliver an independent evaluation of the performance of the charter school model. Its reports were to be delivered between

#SaveCharterSchools: Submissions Open, Over 2500 Sign Petition

BY ACT at 2 March, 2018


The #SaveCharterSchools campaign is well underway with submissions now open on the Bill to scrap charter schools and over 2500 New Zealanders signing the petition to save them in just a couple of weeks.


“Chris Hipkins and the teachers’ unions have spread so many mistruths about charter schools we have set up a section on the savecharters.kiwi website to bust their myths.


“If New Zealanders value educational choice for students