Free Press -A Case Study in Government Waste

BY ACT at 19 March, 2018


How the Government Wastes Your Money

We were amazed to learn of a Government report on New Zealanders’ attitudes to sport. No private household or business would have paid for this truly asinine report, but the Government made sure every single one of you did. Since you paid for it (the Government hasn’t said how much), Free Press wants you to know what you got.

The Findings

“90 per cent of the people believe

Police Commissioner Must Resign

BY ACT at 15 March, 2018


“The Police Commissioner had a chance to take responsibility for his officers breaking the law and, having ducked the issue, is not fit for office,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Requiring police to follow the law is what separates a free society like New Zealand from becoming a police state.


“The Privacy Commissioner clearly understands the principle at stake when he ruled that Police had invaded people’s privacy. He said ‘The primary