Labour’s Stealthy Land Tax

BY ACT at 29 November, 2017

“The Government’s directive to further restrict the sale of land to overseas investors will wipe millions off working farmers’ hard earned wealth,” says ACT leader David Seymour.

“It’s an outrage that small family-owned farms of only five hectares will see thousands shaved off their land value and our Government punishing Kiwi farmers for their hard work. It’s a stealthy land tax by Labour.

“The Government shouldn’t be getting in the way of a willing buyer

Peters’ appearance at Morrinsville is hypocritical

BY David Seymour at 18 September, 2017

Winston Peters needs to stop grandstanding and decide whether he really stands with farmers to stop a Labour-Greens government, ACT leader David Seymour says.

“There was one perplexing aspect to today’s protest in Morrinsville – the participation of New Zealand First. How can Winston Peters credibly protest Labour and the Greens’ bullying of farmers, while at the same time threatening to put them into Government?

“It’s no wonder he was shouted down when he hijacked

ACT unveils rural platform at Fieldays

BY David Seymour at 14 June, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour will present ACT’s rural platform for the 2017 election at Fieldays today.

“ACT has traditionally been received well by rural New Zealanders, and this should remain the case in 2017,” says Mr Seymour. “We’re the only party standing up for the concerns of rural people and businesses.”

Tax cuts ACT will cut personal tax rates for every bracket and ensure no-one pays more than a 25 per cent tax rate. We’ll

Ignore Winston’s paranoia over Silver Fern Farms sale

BY David Seymour at 20 September, 2016

Winston Peters’ call for intervention over the partial sale of a private company proves he is unfit to be in Government, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“It’s disturbing that Winston Peters, who could potentially hold the balance of power after the election, would override the recommendation of the Overseas Investment Office and block the partial sale of a private company,” says Mr Seymour.

“Why does Winston think he knows better than the thousands of Kiwi

ACT calls on Greens to abandon outdated GMO policy

BY David Seymour at 4 July, 2016

As over 100 Nobel Laureates call on Greenpeace to abandon its outdated position on genetic modification, ACT is calling on New Zealand Green MPs to do the same.

The fourteen Green MPs, none of whom have any scientific training, maintain the policy of ‘keeping the Aotearoa New Zealand environment free of GE organisms’.

This stands in stark contrast to 107 Nobel Laureates, who wrote:

“We call upon the governments of the world to reject Greenpeace’s