Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – Committee Stage

BY ACT at 4 April, 2017

DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT): Can I apologise for the intemperate address from the member for Dunedin North or Dunedin South, or whichever one it was—David Parker. He is a little bit intemperate because he got called out at a debate on Saturday morning, but I am sure that he will recover soon enough. It was beautiful. Scott Simpson was there. It was great fun. He really lost his rag.

Anyway, back on the

Cornered Nick Smith gets economical with the truth

BY David Seymour at 3 April, 2017

Environment Minister Nick Smith is getting economical with the truth, which is actually very simple: he has had multiple opportunities to pass the Resource Management Legislation without Mana Whakahono ā Rohe, and with strengthened property rights, but chose not to at every turn.

He said he could not get agreement from ACT and United Future to pass the legislation. In reality, he has failed to take such an opportunity at three different points.


Productivity Commission endorses ACT’s plan to get houses built

BY David Seymour at 29 March, 2017

The Productivity Commission has endorsed housing affordability policies ACT outlined in January, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Just like ACT, the Productivity Commission has endorsed fundamental reform of planning laws like the RMA, instead of just tinkering like National has done.

“Specifically, they point out that ‘the natural and built environments require different and distinctive regulatory approaches’. This echoes ACT’s view that ‘The central problem is that we regulate the urban environment like it is a natural environment.’

Free Press – 28/03/2017

BY ACT at 28 March, 2017

David Seymour spoke at ACT’s Lower North Island conference in Palmerston North this weekend. His message? Intergenerational politics is not about proving one generation is more thrifty/hard done by/has a better work ethic than the other, but a question about Government policy. Breathe deep and we might get some better public policy. You can read David’s speech here.

National betrays supporters by letting Māori Party rewrite RMA

BY David Seymour at 24 March, 2017

National Party supporters will be incensed to see how Nick Smith’s deal with the Māori Party grants iwi new rights to interfere with resource consent applications.

“National’s caucus has been given a memo from law firm Franks Ogilvie which proves just how much power this deal hands to iwi elites,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.