Environment Minister could intervene over Waikato farming restrictions

BY Danae Smith at 8 November, 2016

ACT Leader David Seymour today questioned the Environment Minister over the effect of the Healthy Rivers plan on Waikato farmers.

David Seymour: Will the Minister rule in or out invoking section 142 of the Resource Management Act and appointing a board of inquiry for the Healthy Rivers: Plan for Change/Wai Ora: He Rautaki Whakapaipai, in light of complaints from farmers in the area that it will put them out of business?

Hon Dr Nick Smith:

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – First reading

BY Danae Smith at 3 December, 2015

DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT): I rise on behalf of the ACT Party in opposition to this bill, but I start by commending the honourable Minister, Nick Smith, for bringing an Resource Management Act reform bill to the House. Resource Management Act reform is, in my view, the No. 1 regulatory priority for this country, and do not just take my word for it. As the Minister said, it is also the view of the OECD, the

ACT will not support National-Maori RMA tinkering

BY Danae Smith at 3 December, 2015

ACT will not be voting for National’s weakened RMA reform legislation.

“New Zealanders were promised RMA reform. What National has worked out with the Maori Party is tinkering,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Someone has say ‘New Zealand can do better than this’.

“New Zealanders have suffered under 900-pages of excessive regulation for too long. Compliance costs and delays on developments large and small are slowing business and choking housing supply.

“ACT would like to

ACT responds to Key’s RMA backdown

BY David Seymour at 22 May, 2015

The Prime Minister’s backdown on the RMA is disappointing but not surprising, says ACT leader David Seymour.

“If we’re serious about councils allowing the next generation to build homes, we need to get some guts. We cannot have an act of parliament preoccupied with telling councils that building houses is inappropriate.”

In his Budget speech Mr Seymour pointed out, “The words inappropriate subdivision appear 156 times in the Resource Management Act, three of them in

Free Thoughts – Fresh Water and RMA reform: a plan or a blunder?

BY David Seymour at 26 January, 2015

“Treaty settlements should be for cash and resources. They must not involve deals over governance arrangements that undermine our democratic institutions.”

Summary & Overview

Who owns the freshwater flowing down our rivers?  Does that question even make any sense?

A better question is, who has the rights to use that water, and on what terms?

In 2009 the government established the Land and Water Forum to explore the many issues around fresh water use. The