National must cut taxes before, not after, the election

BY David Seymour at 13 March, 2017

The government cannot put tax cuts at risk by delaying them until after the election, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National is meant to be a low-tax party. Why is the Prime Minister muddling on something that should be a basic priority for any centre-right government?

Government surplus & household debt? Time for tax cuts

BY ACT at 7 March, 2017

Two reports released today both make it clear the government is overtaxing New Zealanders, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Finance Minister has once again boasted about how much revenue the Government is collecting, with Budget surplus running $700 million ahead of forecasts,” says Mr Seymour.

“Of course, a government surplus is actually a taxpayer deficit. It shows that the government is taxing New Zealanders more than it needs to. ACT says this money belongs to the taxpayer and it’s time to give it back.

National makes promises, ACT will make them happen

BY ACT at 25 February, 2017

ACT will push the Government hard to follow through on tax cuts and road pricing, says party leader David Seymour.

“Steven Joyce made all the right noises on tax cuts and demand-based road pricing in his speech today. This comes after constant pressure from ACT to adopt these ideas.

“Unfortunately, National has a depressing record of campaigning from the right and governing from the left. They talk about respecting taxpayers and then introduce new taxes.