Let’s not whack businesses (even the big ones)

BY David Seymour at 18 July, 2017

While every other party tries to score political points by lashing out at big business, ACT will make it more attractive to do business and pay tax in New Zealand.

National must rule out working with socialist Greens

BY David Seymour at 16 July, 2017

ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on National to rule out working with the Greens after the election, on the day that the Greens embrace envy politics and endorse dependency.

“So much for the new business-friendly Green Party,” says Mr Seymour. “Metiria Turei has clearly outmaneuvered James Shaw. Socialism has won out over environmentalism. National now needs to rule out working with the Greens after the election.

“The Greens’ stance on welfare is communism without

ACT will boost infrastructure in productive Queenstown

BY David Seymour at 13 July, 2017

Only ACT has a clear policy to get Queenstown infrastructure caught up with the enormous pressure it faces, says ACT Leader David Seymour as he visits the town today.

“Tourism-heavy regions like Otago are disproportionately short on infrastructure, despite the huge tax dividends they’re passing to central government,” says Mr Seymour.

White-collar welfare is out of control

BY David Seymour at 29 June, 2017

ACT’s tax policy would scrap the corporate welfare that continues to grow under National, says ACT Leader David Seymour in response to the latest report on the issue.

Ignore the tax cut rhetoric, National still thinks you’re a rich prick

BY David Seymour at 25 June, 2017

“Tax-cutting rhetoric from the Prime Minister is encouraging, but history shows we’ll need a stronger ACT to turn rhetoric into action,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The only time National has cut tax rates this century was in 2010 when ACT held the balance of power.

“Since then, National’s record on tax has been dismal. Instead of reducing the tax burden like a centre-right government should, they’ve allowed bracket creep to push people into higher