ACT Stands Alone Voting Against Expanded Entitlements

BY ACT at 8 November, 2017

Tonight the ACT Party stood alone in Parliament voting 1-119 against The Government’s Paid Parental Leave and Employment Protection amendment Bill. The Bill would raise the entitlement to Paid Parental Leave to 26 weeks by 2020.

“If there’s one thing New Zealand taxpayers are not short of, it is entitlements to fund. This entitlement doesn’t have any principled basis whatsoever. There is no reason why people can’t anticipate and provide for having children, if only

Business community screams out for ACT policies

BY David Seymour at 31 July, 2017

Business New Zealand’s seven election priorities, announced today, confirms that Kiwi businesses are desperate for the Government to adopt ACT’s policies.

The priority list, which was informed by a survey of businesses, practically reads like a shopping list of ACT positions:

Ignore the tax cut rhetoric, National still thinks you’re a rich prick

BY David Seymour at 25 June, 2017

“Tax-cutting rhetoric from the Prime Minister is encouraging, but history shows we’ll need a stronger ACT to turn rhetoric into action,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The only time National has cut tax rates this century was in 2010 when ACT held the balance of power.

“Since then, National’s record on tax has been dismal. Instead of reducing the tax burden like a centre-right government should, they’ve allowed bracket creep to push people into higher

We’re in a tax war, Bill

BY David Seymour at 30 May, 2017

The fact that company tax cuts are not a ‘panacea’ is no excuse to abandon the idea, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

No Steven, people earning $70,000 aren’t rich pricks

BY David Seymour at 24 May, 2017

ACT would ensure that no-one pays over 25 per cent in tax. And funding this is easy – we’d simply return surpluses to taxpayers instead of using them to fund new election bribes.