We’re in a tax war, Bill

BY David Seymour at 30 May, 2017

The fact that company tax cuts are not a ‘panacea’ is no excuse to abandon the idea, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

No Steven, people earning $70,000 aren’t rich pricks

BY David Seymour at 24 May, 2017

ACT would ensure that no-one pays over 25 per cent in tax. And funding this is easy – we’d simply return surpluses to taxpayers instead of using them to fund new election bribes.

Company tax the missing link in Budget debate

BY David Seymour at 23 May, 2017

The media, Government, and Opposition have done Kiwi businesses a disservice by completely ignoring New Zealand’s onerous company tax rate during debate over Budget 2017.

“Every other party wants to blame businesses for social ills and bash them with new regulations and costs. But ACT believes that businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they deserve tax relief,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

Surplus-drunk National are spending like sailors

BY David Seymour at 23 April, 2017

A centre-right Government shouldn’t boast about throwing $53 million at a Dubai business expo, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National are looking like Labour lite, throwing money around like they’ve forgotten it belongs to the taxpayer,” says Mr Seymour.

“What’s the point in electing a National Government when it spends your money like Labour would, and then boasts about it? This is wasteful and unfair corporate welfare that will disproportionately benefit politically-connected businesses.

Ignore the OECD – New Zealanders are overtaxed

BY David Seymour at 18 April, 2017

New Zealand needs to do better than compete with OECD countries on tax rates, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The OECD’s recent report actually shows the average New Zealand worker’s tax rate has gone from 15.9% to 17.9% since 2011. ACT says we should be taxing people less, not more.

“We need to do better than beat the likes of France, Belgium, and Greece. These economies are stagnant at best, economic basket-cases at worst.