Nats Last Presser Richer than a Cashed Up Corporate Welfare Recipient

BY ACT at 18 September, 2018


“The National Party’s support for the New Zealand Initiative’s Fit for Purpose report is richer than a millionaire pensioner with a winter heating payment,” according to ACT.


“The report rightly identifies that Governments of all stripes in New Zealand tax too much of our money, and spend it poorly. However, one group that has no right to claim this is the New Zealand National Party. If it wasn’t so expensive to the taxpayer, National complaining about

ACT would abolish CTO job, other quangos

BY ACT at 29 August, 2018


“The furore over the imminent appointment of Derek Handley as Chief Technology Officer shows we need to abolish these costly and unnecessary positions”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


According to the Spinoff, the technology sector has reacted reacted poorly to Mr Handley’s name being mentioned, and has questioned the value of the position.


“This is the latest in a long line of over-paid, unelected busybodies telling New Zealanders what to think, say,

Cutting waste could bring Abby Hartley home

BY ACT at 29 August, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour suggests the Government could cut its wasteful projects and instead bring Abby Hartley home.


Ms Hartley is fighting for her life in a Bali hospital with a condition for which she has no insurance.


“The current Government has splashed the cash from day one, and complained that there isn’t enough funding for core services.


“Well, here’s an opportunity for them to show they can prioritise the important

$1 million for Victoria vanity project

BY ACT at 1 August, 2018


“Victoria University has confirmed that it will waste almost $1 million on a vanity project to rename the university”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


The ‘name simplification’ proposal was dumped last Friday evening after 7pm.


“The case for change is completely superficial and lacks credibility. There’s no good evidence that people overseas confuse Victoria University with other institutions.


“Changing the university’s name to the University of Wellington is unlikely to significantly

Millions in handouts for well-off Kiwis

BY ACT at 24 May, 2018


The Government is set to give away tens of millions in ‘winter energy payments’ to well-off older New Zealanders, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Almost 9 per cent of superannuitants earn over $60,000 a year – more than New Zealand’s median income and three times the pension.


“Yet the Government will give tens of millions to this group because it believes they need help to pay their power bills.


“This epitomises a Government that taxes