Welfare for Winston plain wrong

BY ACT at 3 July, 2018


“Winston Peters’ admission that he won’t be opting-out of the winter energy payment scheme shows what is wrong with universal welfare”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


ACT has calculated that approximately $73 million will be spent on winter energy payments for wealthy pensioners like Mr Peters who earns over $330,000 a year.


“The Government has an aversion to means-testing.


“So instead of targeting handouts at disadvantaged New Zealanders, it is using

$73m for well-off older Kiwis

BY ACT at 2 July, 2018


Today all New Zealand taxpayers will start paying the winter power bills of well-off pensioners, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Around 9 per cent of superannuitants earn over $60,000 a year – more than the median income and three times the level of the pension.


“Their slice of winter energy payments will cost taxpayers about $73 million.


“This epitomises a Government that taxes with impunity and throws money around without reflecting on

Head of welfare group makes basic factual errors

BY ACT at 31 May, 2018


The head of Labour’s ‘expert’ group set up to review the welfare system needs to get up to speed quickly, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


Talking to Newstalk ZB’s Chris Lynch on Monday morning, Professor Cindy Kiro made a number of basic factual errors.


“Kiro claimed that ‘sole parents constitute…less than 2 per cent of benefit dependants’ when they actually make up 22 per cent of benefit dependants.


“She went on

Documents reveal what welfare overhaul could cost

BY ACT at 3 May, 2018


Official costings of the Greens’ welfare policies during government formation negotiations reveal what the Government’s welfare reforms could cost taxpayers.


An overhaul of the welfare system was part of Labour’s confidence and supply agreement with the Greens.


“The ghost of Metiria Turei is haunting the Government as it considers the Greens’ massive new entitlement policies”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The Green Party’s desired Working for Families changes alone would

Labour’s “Great Loosening” -Free Press Monday 13 November 2017

BY ACT at 13 November, 2017

Totally Crooked

The revelation that Winston Peters filed court proceedings against Bill English and Paula Bennett at 4:59pm on the eve of the election makes a farce of his coalition negotiations with National. The decision was made as soon as the special votes gave Lab-Gre-NZF a comfortable three vote margin. Free Press (almost) feels sorry for all those who voted for and even made large donations (when will they be declared?) to New Zealand First