Twyford exhibits pre-crisis mentality


In setting up a new government ministry to ‘fix’ the housing crisis, Phil Twyford is exhibiting the same thinking that created the crisis in the first place, according the ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Bureaucracy – in the form of the 900-page Resource Management Act – should be public enemy number one when it comes to the housing crisis.


Official advice from Superu last year showed land use regulations – rules that determine what can be built and where – are choking the ability of the private sector to build new homes. In Auckland, they could be responsible for up to 56 per cent, or $530,000, of the cost of an average home.


“A new government ministry can only make the situation worse.


“Conspicuously absent from Phil Twyford’s housing agenda is any move to reform our planning rules to make it easier for the private sector to build houses.


“Earlier this week, Newshub revealed that the Prime Minister is struggling to get resource consent for basic tasks at her new property.


“How does Phil Twyford believe New Zealand can build the homes we need if our head of government can’t put up a fence?”