Twyford’s state homes cost 7x more to maintain


“Phil Twyford is spending seven times more than a private landlord in maintaining his stock of government-owned houses”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Twyford must transfer this massive liability off the government’s books by privatising all state houses and subsidising the rent of those people who truly need it.


“TVNZ revealed this week that the Government spends $474 million maintaining state homes. That is over $7500 a year for each state house owned by the Government.


According to Barfoot and Thompson, landlords in the private sector spend seven times less than that. The average yearly maintenance costs for a private sector home is about $1024.


“The Nats’ ham-fisted attempts to transfer state houses to community groups were a complete and utter failure.


“Transferring state houses to the private sector would allow the government to leverage private sector capital and capability, increase the supply of houses, and promote choice and competition.


“Most importantly, would allow the Government to better focus on providing a safety net to those with the greatest need.


“Instead, Twyford seems to believe it is acceptable for New Zealand taxpayers to own a massive, ageing stock of houses – worth $21.6 billion – which are poorly-suited for the needs of the poor” says Mr Seymour.