Vice-Chancellor not upholding Massey University Charter


“In barring Don Brash from speaking tomorrow, Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas has acted contrary to her own institution’s charter, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“The Massey University Charter says that its mission is to “promote free and rational inquiry”.


“Jan Thomas has been derelict in her duty to uphold rights of students to debate political issues.


“She has run for hills at the first sign of trouble.


“We all pay taxes to fund universities so they can be a place where ideas are openly and honestly discussed.


“If the Vice-Chancellor can’t do the most basic part of her job, she should find new employment.


“The University Council must tell Jan Thomas to uphold the University’s Charter.


“If they will not, the Minister of Education needs to tell them what the British Minister for Universities has told universities there: no more money until you uphold freedom of speech.