Where do Hipkins’ loyalties lie?

Chris Hipkins has ruled himself out of contention as a Minister in the next Government, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Taxpayers pay Chris Hipkins’ salary so he can represent voters here in New Zealand, not meddle in Australian politics at the bidding of foreign masters.

“The ability to ask parliamentary questions is a special privilege that should be used in the interests of the New Zealand people, not to help an overseas political party claim an overseas scalp.

“Julie Bishop has already suggested this could have major consequences for the Australian government’s ability to work with the New Zealand Labour Party.

“Labour is intent on bringing down Australia’s government when National already fails to get a heads up about New Zealanders losing rights to Australian tertiary education or citizenship. By the time you consider the uncertainty around North Korean aggression, Hipkins couldn’t have chosen a worse moment to destabilize trans-Tasman relations.

“Just where exactly do Hipkins’ loyalties lie? Who pulled the strings and what was the quid pro quo? How can New Zealand taxpayers expect him to serve their interests as a potential Cabinet Minister?”