Winston Peters is unfit for Government

This morning’s shambolic appearance from Winston Peters on Morning Report proves he is not fit for government, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“His attempts to cost his parties wild promises were contradictory, rambling, and confused,” says Mr Seymour.

“The lowlight was probably Peters saying he’d task ‘practically everyday New Zealanders’ with deciding which foods will be GST-free. Or maybe it was his attempt to gloss over a $2.3 billion costing error, or haranguing a staff member to fetch a document from his car boot.

“This interview was just the most obvious example so far of his dithering throughout this election. He dithers on which policies are bottoms lines and obfuscates on which party he’ll side with in government.

“He’s not showing up to debates in his electorate, making it questionable whether he intends to retain his seat, or even last for a full term in Parliament.

“This uncertainty threatens the stability that New Zealand businesses need in order to plan, invest, and be productive.

“We know that as a Government coalition member he is liable to wreck the economy. The last two times he was in government mortgage rates spiked to 11 per cent, and based on recent appearances, his performance is only going to deteriorate.

“It’s true that the centre right needs a coalition partner after the election. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be Winston Peters. ACT has clearly laid out and costed its policies. We’ve confirmed we won’t work with Labour. And because I’m on track to win Epsom, every Party Vote counts to elect more MPs and strengthen a National-led Government.”