Winston sells out on smaller Parliament, Māori seats


“Winston Peters has made an embarrassing backdown on the size of Parliament and the Māori seats”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“Peters made a smaller Parliament and removing the Māori seats ‘bottom lines’ at the last election, saying to Labour and National ‘…you will be not talking to NZ First unless you want a referendum on both those issues’.


“Now he says he won’t support my Smaller Government Bill which would achieve exactly that.


“Winston Peters is a lion on the hustings and a lamb in Parliament. He has completely sold out and New Zealanders who voted for him will be having buyer’s remorse.


“Peters hasn’t read my Smaller Government Bill and yet he still says he won’t vote for it.


“How can he say he’s committed to smaller government if he continues to support a bloated Parliament?


“Winston should support this bill and let New Zealanders vote on it in a referendum.


“It’s time for him to get some guts”, says Mr Seymour.