The Sunday Series with Jamie Whyte - 27 July 2014

Jamie Whyte talks green tape, why it's bad for the economy (and the environment) and how ACT plans to untangle us from it.

Three Strikes: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Three Strikes:  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Speech to ACT Members and Supporters
Dockside Restaurant, Queens Wharf, Wellington


Crime is on the decline, not just in New Zealand but across the Western World. 

One simple reason is that crime is mainly committed by young people. And Western populations are getting older. A population with a smaller share of 16 to 30-year-olds is likely to have a lower crime rate.

Don Nicolson – Speech to ACT Southern Forum

Don Nicolson – ACT Candidate  for Clutha Southland

Speech to ACT Southern Forum

July 20, 2014

Mr Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to address the ACT southern area conference today with this day being 63 days-yes 9 weeks out from the general election.

An election that will obviously not only define who is the government for the next 3 years and who will be the opposition but also define the future of the very party I am proud to represent ACT.

Two bribes for the price of one!

The Greens yesterday announced a plan to extend the early childhood education subsidy to 2 year olds. This will be worth $95 a week to those parents. We have become so used to such policies that we no longer notice how peculiar they are.  

If the Greens want the parents of 2-year-olds to be made $95 a week better off at the expense of taxpayers, why not simply give them $95 a week in cash? Why make receipt of taxpayers' money conditional on spending it on early childhood education? If that is how the parents want to spend the $95, they can.

ACT announces Jamie Whyte as Pakuranga candidate

ACT is pleased to announce Dr Jamie Whyte as its candidate in Pakuranga.

Dr Whyte was elected ACT Leader in February. Since then he has been travelling around the country meeting New Zealanders and talking about ACT’s key messages of low, flat tax, cutting green tape, getting tough on crime, and “one country, one law.”

“ACT’s policy of three strikes for burglary, which would put serial burglars in prison for at least three years, will particularly appeal to Pakuranga residents,” says Dr Whyte.