ACT only party reducing taxes and saving waste

"ACT is delighted that, according to the Taxpayers' Union independent assessment, the party's policies will save the average household $6,875 over three years" said Dr Jamie Whyte. 

"We note that every other party increases the cost of government to households.  According to the Bribe-o-meter, ACT is the only party that is not bribing voters with taxpayers' money. Our policies reduce government spending by a total of $11.6 billion over three years.

Welcoming Immigration

My latest political experience was to be invited along to a meeting of the Auckland Asian Association.  I was attending along with ACT Deputy Leader Kenneth Wang.

The left is wrong: poverty is falling and income inequality is not rising

"A Roy Morgan poll shows that the issue people are most concerned about is income inequality. This just goes to show how the persistent repetition of a lie bewilders the public. Income inequality is not in fact rising. And the child poverty rate has been declining for nearly 20 years, falling from 35% in 1994 to 16% in 2007 and recently returning to pre-global financial crisis levels in 2012” said Dr Whyte.