Rising government expenditure on health has failed to deliver improved health outcomes for our society, or improved results for patients. We need to make structural changes to the way health is delivered, before we consider spending more money for little gain in service levels.

There is too much bureaucracy in health, and the model of having twenty DHBs of 11 members is broken.


Maintain the health budget at per capita levels. We will not cut the health budget.

Reform the DHB system, reducing the number of health districts from 20 down to 5, and ensure that Board Members are appointed for their expertise and experience, rather than elected to make political points.

Raise awareness of mental health services. An estimated 70% of people who commit suicide never had contact with a mental health service provider. Only around 1% of people who have been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition will commit suicide. Raising awareness of mental health services is the best way to ensure people who need it, get it. This will reduce suicide rates.

We will allow more innovation in health, by getting government out of the way. This will enable more New Zealanders to access new treatments from overseas, sooner.