ACT Believes

The cost of housing is unacceptably high. Auckland (and some other cities), have a significant housing shortage.

The high cost of housing is widening the gap between people who own houses, and who don’t.

The high cost of housing is pushing costs on to taxpayers as the government increases spending on emergency housing, Income-Related Rent subsidies, and Accommodation Supplements.

Act has

Advocated for reform to the Resource Management Act, and included this as a priority in our confidence and supply agreement with National.

Withdrawn our support from RMA reform that has not gone far enough to remove red tape from the housing and construction sector.


Watch David’s State of the Nation Speech on Housing

Read ACT’s detailed Housing Affordability Policy 

ACT will

  • Remove New Zealand’s large cities from the Resource Management Act, and create separate urban development legislation, prioritising land supply and reducing red tape on developers.
  • Incentivise councils to consent more land for development and build more infrastructure, by sharing a portion of GST levied on construction.
  • Get Councils out of the building standards process, by replacing council building inspections and compliance with a mandatory private insurance regime for buildings.