Free Press Monday 18 February 2018

BY ACT at 20 February, 2018

Last Week in Parliament

The Government continued to roll out unimaginative and damaging legislation. The bill to abolish Partnership Schools shows a Government with no vision other than ideological utu and union payback. David Seymour ripped into them here. Jacinda Ardern’s pet project of Child Poverty Reduction is not about child poverty but measuring differences in income. Here is Seymour on the bill.

Government in Trouble on Partnership Schools

Even students think student

Seymour to Join Dancing with the Stars

BY ACT at 15 February, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour says he’s excited to be part of Dancing with the Stars NZ, coming in the second quarter of the year to Three.


“I’m looking forward to the challenge. But, let’s be honest, I’m half politician and half electrical engineer. It couldn’t be worse if I was bred to not dance.


“My only experience of fancy footwork is from knocking on the door of a large Alsatian owned by a

ACT Leader Extends Best Wishes to English

BY ACT at 15 February, 2018


ACT Leader David Seymour has extended his best wishes to Bill English and has congratulated him on his career in politics.


“I want to thank him in particular for his support for charter schools and his commitment to engaging disadvantaged students who had been failed by state schools.


“Bill English is one of those rare MPs who comes to Parliament to studiously improve our country’s public policy.


“He will be a loss to

Questions For Kelvin, Willie, and Peeni

BY ACT at 15 February, 2018


Will the Government’s policy on charter schools allow them to retain flexibility of funding? Will they still be able to determine their own management structure? Will teachers be required to sign up to  union contracts?


After the Maori Caucus withdrew from the Labour list and won a clean sweep of the Maori seats, do you feel your party is giving your views on charter schools the respect they deserve?


Why, when the record of Maori

Twyford Fiddles While Rome Burns

BY ACT at 15 February, 2018


“While the Government has managed to roll out feel-good housing policies, Cabinet has not yet bothered to consider the biggest roadblock to more housing: the Resource Management Act”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


“A housing “stocktake” and a xenophobic foreign house-buyer ban will do nothing to help the private sector build more houses.


“Cities around the world with expensive housing all have one factor in common: tight land use regulation. The RMA achieves