No Need for Knee-Jerk Bank Bashing in New Zealand

BY ACT at 19 September, 2018


Submitters to the Finance and Expenditure Committee showed that New Zealand can afford to spare itself a round of bank bashing.


“Consumer New Zealand presented pitiful evidence,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “They showed a few people they knew of anecdotally had been sold insurance they didn’t need and, with some exacerbation, revealed the predictable news that banks try to upsell their customers extra products.”


Under questioning, Consumer New Zealand could not

Banks Slam Govt’s Reserve Bank Bill

BY ACT at 19 September, 2018


“The Banking and Business Communities have turned out to slam the Government’s Reserve Bank Bill at today’s Finance and Expenditure Committee Hearing,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


ASB submitted recommending that price stability be retained as a priority if short term employment is added to the Bank’s mandate. 


“When asked if we should follow other countries who have a dual mandate, ASB pointed out an important nuance. Of 16 banks who have a

Massey VC’s Shocker Emails Show Calculated Suppression of Free Speech

BY ACT at 19 September, 2018


“Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas must resign after fresh evidence shows the lengths at which she was willing to go to bar free speech and rational inquiry at the University,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 


“In emails spanning weeks, Ms Thomas was fishing for any excuse to bar Dr Don Brash from speaking due to her intolerance to views different to the ones she holds.


“I’m astonished that Professor Thomas was more

Nats Last Presser Richer than a Cashed Up Corporate Welfare Recipient

BY ACT at 18 September, 2018


“The National Party’s support for the New Zealand Initiative’s Fit for Purpose report is richer than a millionaire pensioner with a winter heating payment,” according to ACT.


“The report rightly identifies that Governments of all stripes in New Zealand tax too much of our money, and spend it poorly. However, one group that has no right to claim this is the New Zealand National Party. If it wasn’t so expensive to the taxpayer, National complaining about

Free Press – The BCS Prime Minister

BY ACT at 18 September, 2018


The BCS Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern studied a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Waikato University, where students learn not to change how things are but how people see them. She became Prime Minister by polling 37 per cent with the exact same policies that Andrew Little polled 24 per cent. All of her experience tells her good communications are more important than good policy.



Ardern’s speech this weekend was a master class