ACT Believes

The ACT Party was founded upon classical liberal principles which form the basis for free and prosperous communities.

Free speech, free trade, limited and smarter government, the rule of law and secure property rights are at the core of these principles.

New Zealand needs to reconnect with the values of civic society, which include honesty, compassion, enterprise, community service, personal responsibility, tolerance and civility.

Act’s vision

A free society: free trade, free speech, and personal and religious freedom

A nation that values personal responsibility, tolerance, civility and compassion

Smaller, smarter government, low taxes, secure property rights, and the law applied equally to all citizens

ACT will

  • Unleash the creativity, energy and enthusiasm of New Zealanders by removing petty regulation, reducing tax burdens, fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of aspiration
  • Empower individuals and households by expanding their options for educating their children, accessing quality healthcare, and obtaining support from our social services in times of need
  • Reduce poverty by stronger economic growth, more jobs and higher incomes, affordable housing, and better access to education
  • Create safe communities through effective policing, with rehabilitation for young offenders but uncompromising sentencing for repeat and violent offenders
  • Protect our natural and built environment with Smart-Green policies
  • Ensure security in retirement and fairness across generations
  • Be responsible economic managers with balanced budgets, low inflation and a free and open market economy